Does no one else remember this song? No? Ok then, moving right along.

We drove up to Madison on Saturday to spend the day with our friends, hit up New Glarus, and see the Prairie Home Companion Late Show. We went to the new New Glarus factory, where they only brew Spotted Cow. They still operate the old (first) factory for all their small batch stuff, including the fruit beers and seasonals. The tour was very do-it-yourself and you could bring your tastings with you! You get to keep your tasting glasses too-so of course we ordered pints!

Here we are, about to head in
outside new glarus brewery

Sampling the Moon Man
new glarus  | moon man

ha ha!
we love children but...

I’m so lucky to know these smart ladies!
smart lady friends

After the tour and samplings, we headed over to Gray’s Tied House for lunch. They brew their own beer there as well it was really good!
gray's tied house

After supper, we headed into downtown Madison to see a Prairie Home Companion Late Show, which was sold out! I was so impressed at everyone’s sheer level of talent. We were treated to nearly 3 hours of live songs and comedy. Garrison Keillor is such an incredible entertainer-I guess that comes with doing it each and every week for 40 years!

Sunday we had a lazy morning before we left and we stopped at Farm & Fleet, Beef a Roo (which needs its own post…no one has heard of it!) and Ikea before we made it home.

All in all, a wonderful weekend! Thank you so much J & P for being such lovely hosts!


7 thoughts on “Madison!

  1. oh heeeyyyyyy! It was so fun to have you guys spend the weekend with us! I can’t wait for potential summer camping fun times!

      1. They can come I suppose. But they sleep in the truck. πŸ˜‰
        We’ve also got the giant armadillo tent that sleeps…like a million.

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