Christmas 2012

I know I am really late to this Christmas photo sharing game and I’ll just blame it on the lost connector cord. Ahem, let’s just go with that & not the over 200 bad pictures I took & had to sort thru. We had such a blast in Minnesota! We were there for nearly 5 days & came home with a plethora of goodies including an untold amount of Salted Nut Rolls (peanuts on marshmallows) YUM. And! It didn’t get over 5 degrees while we were there 🙂


we made time to go cross country skiing twice TWICE!


my goofy better half


cousins, so much love between these little ladies


can you believe this is best one of these three?


a witch’s moon, a phenomenon that only happens on very cold nights. We also threw boiling water into the air and it turned into a cloud-if that gives you any idea how cold it was

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