Grosse Point, Evanston IL

A few weeks ago we took what we thought would be the last motorcycle ride of the year (hello 60 on Dec 1?) even though we knew it was going to rain. Because why not? We take the Michigan Ring Road (Sheridan mostly in northern Chicago) up thru the small suburbs and we always pass the Grosse Point Lighthouse. This time I made M stop – never mind if I terrified him by screaming ‘turn left! turn left!’ Ha ha.

The lighthouse was built in 1873 on the promontory named Grosse Pointe by the French to guide ships into their approach into Chicago. The 113 foot light house was manned until 1934, when the first ever photoelectric light was instilled and eliminated the need for a light house keeper.

What I loved about this park is how incredibly quiet it was. There is a wonderfully wild former garden area, a beach and fire pit. I am so grateful that our city is smattered with all these green spaces, quiet and peaceful.


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