Devil in the White City

I came to Devil in the White City through by local library (I could write an ode to the Bezzanian Branch). Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic and Madness at the Fair that Changed the World by Eric Larson is piece of non fiction, written in a beautifully narrative style, is very nearly a movie. I’m very glad I caught up with this before it was made into a movie. Larson follows the 1893 World’s Fair through the eyes of its greatest creator, Daniel Burnham, and scariest villain, Dr. H H Holmes. As Burnham fights to build the 1893 World’s Fair quickly, safely and cost effectively, Holmes is building a den of evil several blocks away.

As a Chicago transplant, I loved learning so much about Chicago’s history Larson so lovingly paints. Giving meaning and context to so many parts of the city was invaluable to me. Now I am motivate to head down to Jackson Park and see what is left from that magical time.

Have any book recommendations? Any books you’ve read make you love your hometown more?

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