Cooking Dried Beans ~ Crock Pot Trick

Part of my journey to become a healthy vegetarian (please don’t ask how many pretzels I ate during my veggie phase in high school), I’ve been cooking a lot more beans. And because my wallet isn’t exploding with dollar bills, this means from the dried beans at the Mexican grocery. I am still finding a way to make them that I like, but my favorite thing about using the crock pot is that I can not undercook them.

I tend to let them soak overnight, when I don’t forget, otherwise I’ll put them in water when I leave for work. Make sure you drain them before you cook ’em! In my crock pot, I cover them and then add about an inch or two of water. Typically I cook on high for 2 hours, but I’ve also done them on low for 4, but forgot them and they were still tasty after about 6 hours.

For garbanzo beans, I use a whole bag and a teaspoon salt. It makes about 6 cups cooked and most of my recipes call for it even cups so I freeze them in pre portioned into 1 cup per baggie.

For black beans, I use a whole bag, an onion, some crushed garlic cloves, a bay leaf, 1 tbsp salt and a smattering of pepper. Most of my black bean recipes, like Black Bean Enchiladas, call for a can, which is about a cup and half. I freeze them in 1.5 cup containers, covered in their cooking liquid.

Here’s a before on my favorite black beans:

How do you cook your dried beans? I’d love to know – now I’m scared to cook them on the stovetop!

3 thoughts on “Cooking Dried Beans ~ Crock Pot Trick

  1. I was once an exclusive stovetopper, but even the best of us scorch a pot of beans on occasion. I tried them in the crock pot for the first time because of slow cooker month. I don’t know that I’ll ever go back.

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