Reflections on 25

I have to admit, this wasn’t the easiest birthday for me & I’m not really sure why. My loving husband cooked exactly what I wanted for supper & baked the most amazing yellow cake I’ve ever had. My co workers showered me with unexpected affection, in the form of flowers and balloons. My family, close and extended sent lovely cards and gifts.

homemade birthday cakeI suspect that we use our birthday as a time of reflection of who we are are and where we are going. I know that I am not as strong, or as good a runner, or as healthy as I would like to be. I’m resolving to make 25 a much healthier year than 24 (or 23, or 22 for that matter) was.

Here is a look back at the goals I set out for myself as the outset of this 24th year.

Make my own cheese- We did do this! It didn’t turn out – but it got M’s interest piqued.

Go down hill skiing- We are going over Christmas 🙂

Go to a ‘Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me’ taping- I have tickets for 11/29 w/M and some friends

Ferment my own soda- Honestly, this doesn’t even sound interesting anymore.

Do a detox-I must work on my patience to make this happen-but I love solid food!

Own a DSLR- M got my a Canon for my birthday! 11/6/12

Own ice skates 11/14/11

Go clubbing in Chicago 3/4/12

Make one recipe a month from Saveur- I did this for a few months, but I think I kept the spirit of trying new things all year! I know my cooking skills have expanded.

Eat something I grew- Over the summer we had a bounty of tomatoes and herbs for our patio.

Make pickles 12/8/11 (and I do all the time now too!)

Go to a concert 6/26/12

See a show at the Joeffrey Ballet- Perhaps next year, I can convince M to see the Nutcracker

Visit Willis Tower- Nothing yet!

Take a cake decorating class- I’m not sure I’m game anymore; I am really enjoying pies!

Take a trip, just me and the Mr.- We went to a pretty cabin on Lake Superior.

PR in a half marathon- I didn’t even run on! I guess if you count the 1/2 I ran on Halloween ’11…

Memorize a poem & be able to recite it- Gah! This one I’ve thought so much about. I must just type one out and tape it to the mirror in the bathroom!

Write a letter to myself to open in 1 year, 5 years & 10 years 1/20/12

Read a book in Spanish- I was given El Principito (the Little Prince) four years ago during my study abroad in Madrid and I finally read it cover to cover in Spanish! I also read it in French in elementary school, but I didn’t remember any of it!

Visit my sister in TN- I got to spend a weekend/my sister in the spring. So lucky!

Eat vegetarian for a week- HA! I’ve BEEN a vegetarian since July.

See a show at Second City- I got to go see a show with a team at work. I’m so grateful to have been asked! I forgot this was on my list 🙂

Make something I have pinned- Too many to list!

Sing a song at a karaoke- Nope! And now, I’ve got to desire to make it happen either.

blowing out bday candlesI’m  impressed you made it to the end 😉 Have a wonderful week!

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