Friends and Falling into Autumn

I am so filled up from this weekend, it is a little hard for even me to imagine.

My best friend from high school came up for a visit on Thursday and Friday. It’s hard to top spending that much time with someone who has known you for 11 years. We finished each other stories and it’s amazing to see how much we still have in common. We’re both runners, semi-vegetarians and in love with football fanatics. I know we confused the menfolk on more than one occasion. (But-hey! Isn’t that what football is for?!) We haven’t been super close for a while now, but I’m so grateful she came up to see me. Nothing’s changed 🙂

On Saturday I got a jump start on several crafty Christmas projects and got to hang out with a good friend from college. And I had tea with a new-to-Chicago lady friend. Sunday was filled with paying bills and getting our finances back in order. Ugh. But Sunday afternoon I went to a housewarming party and got to see another lovely batch of people. To cap it all off, we had supper and a nightcap with M’s best man!

Sometimes I feel so down on myself for not having any friends, not being social enough, not being to afford to go out. But then, I realize that spending time with people you value, and who value and see you, doesn’t have to cost money. It just has to be important to you.

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