Pecking Order

the lean back

We had an impromptu date night last week. We decided to just head out and support a new local restaurant, Pecking Order. Welcome to Uptown! We need more good places in the neighborhood!

 Above is the only picture I took, but well, it was a whiskey drink! It was so good and quite refreshing. I was really impressed by the beer list too. They don’t have a ton of options, but what they do offer, they do really well.

As for food, they are a chicken place. I’m a bit impressed M got me to go to such a meat-centric place, but he did! They only had one veggie friendly main dish option, a homemade rice and mushroom burger. It was so good! I was pretty darn happy with it! The shitake mushrooms really brought a smokey flavor.

The menu also has a pretty decent selection of small plates, most of which were veggie friendly. Next time, I’ll probably get the plantains, slaw and fries and call it good. M thought the chicken and chicken sandwiches were delish!

Located on the cusp of Uptown at 4416 N Clark, I am so happy they are here! Hopefully they can convince others take over those open store fronts between Montrose and Wilson on Clark. Hey, we decide good grub here too!


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