Beasts of the Southern Wild

I don’t know where to begin with this movie. What I do know is that I am just one of the few shouting praises for Beasts of the Southern Wild, though. The NY Times and the Boston Globe are much more apt reviewers than I am.

Beasts of the Southern Wild follows a 6 year old named Hushpuppy and her community as it threatened by change and challenge. Set on the wrong side of the levy, those of the Bathtub are able to eek out their own vibrant and independent lives directly from the land and sea.

I found it be incredibly visual and beautiful. What I loved most was how successfully Zeitlin created a sense of place for the Bathtub. I could practically feel the dirty growing under my nails as the movie progressed. The shaky camera style did get a little tiring; however, I did feel that it was necessary to make the viewer feel like they were seeing this world thru Hushpuppy’s eyes.

I literally cannot say enough good things about this film. You have to see it.


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