If a Shirley Temple & a Mojito had a Lovechild…

I wanted a fizzy non alcoholic drink (just trying to be more mindful, not cutting it out 🙂 and we didn’t have any ginger ale for a Shirley Temple. Boo. (Note to self, get thee ginger ale.)

M suggested I used the seltzer water we keep on hand with a splash of grenadine but that wasn’t cutting it for me. So I added lime juice and got inspired to add some fresh mint too! It was so freaking good and so super refreshing in this blazing heat. And since it only had a tablespoon of grenadine & lime juice in it it isn’t too hard on the calories, either.

One thought on “If a Shirley Temple & a Mojito had a Lovechild…

  1. I always thought Shirley Temples were made with lemon-lime soda! Never knew it was ginger ale.I really like sparkling water with lemon or lime, sparkling fruit juice (the Izze Esque drinks are pretty low in calories and I don't think there are any artificial sweeteners in them), but really I just like to dilute fruit juice in sparkling water. The juice is usually too strong/sweet, so watering it down is just right.

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