I fell down the rabbit hole that is my Amazon recommendation list. THANK GOODNESS I went to the library and checked this out instead of buying it! Not that I didn’t like, but after our office refresh, I gots not more space for books. It’s the library for a while.

Malcom Gladwell’s Outliers seeks to dispel the myth that there are truly extraordinary people in the world, but rather those extraordinary people are the result of extraordinary circumstances that they leveraged to their advantage.

I found his writing to be very approachable and easy to grasp-despite the sometimes complex subject matter. It’s also pretty short-I devoured it in a couple days worth of commutes to work/home.

More importantly, I found the value of explaining success as part of a set of circumstances and inherited cultural attitudes refreshing and engaging. Instead of dismissing something or someone, he explores the rich history that brought about the situation.


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