Moonrise Kingdom

I am not a movie person. Or, at the very least, I wasn’t a movie person. My family didn’t really go to the movies as a kid and it was the site of so many awkward middle school dates.

M LOVES movies. He would go see one every single weekend if we could. I started listening to FilmSpotting and I finally felt like I finally had a vocabulary to discuss movies. Plus seeing high quality movies instead of fluffy chick flicks helped too!

We saw Moonrise Kingdom last weekend and the more I think about it-the more I liked it. It was such a sweet story about two kids breaking out of the boxes built for them to express themselves and do their own thing. What I found more moving is the reaction by the community to the youths running away.

I love Wes Anderson’s work and I love this fictional world he has created. I think his warm color palettes and the unashamed obsession with the sixities.

Plus there is always Wes Anderson bingo.

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