Blackberry Pie

I had a realization. I don’t really have time to create, photographic and write about new amazing recipes I came up with myself. Mostly because that sounds like work lots of other smart ladies are already doing. Why replicate that? 
But-I love to cook and try new recipes. After a couple attempts with a vegan cookbook that blew, I thought, why not talk about how the recipe really is to use? You know, when your hands are covered with flour and then you realize it says 1/2 cup walnuts, toasted in the ingredients. There are loads of websites that capture how pretty food is but I haven’t found many that reach past that towards substance. 
You can find this recipe for Blackberry Pie at Saveur
I realized after 20 minutes of searching in my Jewel that I was not going to find the leaf lard and I scraped their pie crust altogether. I made the one my Nana made and I think it stood up to the woodsy flavor of the blackberries. I do wish I have rolled the top for weaving a bit thinner for eating-but it was hard enough to weave as it was!

saveur filling in my pie crust

The actual filing was incredibly simple to make and was a real homage to good blackberries. It didn’t take too long to come together and the baking instructions were stupid easy. Did I mention I made this at 10 on a weekend night and didn’t eff it up. Yeah.

all baked and ready for noms

with vanilla bean ice cream.

Really easy to make and so super stinking good to eat. Highly recommended-it got the Matt and Mike seal of approval too!


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