Choosing Happiness

A long time ago, my aunt showed me the Secret. Hokey, yes. But really enlightening. The general idea is that we can create our own realities through our thoughts and feelings; like attracts like.
See, I took this picture from an incredibly crowded Brown Line train after 5 on Tuesday. I could overheard someone’s personal recount of an interview (she doesn’t think she got it) and I could smell that end of the summer day smell. We stood in this spot of over 5 minutes, ‘waiting for signal clearance.’
I could feel the anger bubbling up as we stood and stood there. But from somewhere, I looked out the window. I mean, really looked. The setting sun was so strong, the brown of the bridges and the blue of the water where nearly all I could see. 
Yes, I was late to where I was going. But, I am so glad I got to see such a pretty bit of Chicago, instead of just whizzing by, like usual.
How do you take things slow and find value in the little things?

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