Summer’s Here!

Everyone who lives in Chicago says summer is the best time of year. And boy, are they right! I love my city, but I love it so much more during the summer. There is such good music, food and I love all the reasons to spend time outside. This weekend, we really lived it up!
Friday night we saw J Roddy Walston & the Business at RibFest in North Center. They were so good and we had great spots, right up at the front. 

 Saturday I went to Blues Fest to see Reverend KM Williams play. I ended up meeting up with a friend from the APW book club. I know that it is strange to hit up a festival alone, but I am so glad that I can sometimes do stuff on my own. Being married is wonderful, but claiming your independence is wonderful too.

Sunday we spent the day at the beach, just hanging out. We got vegan at our favorite local vegan place and then took a tour of the neighborhood on our bikes. M suggested we get Ticket to Ride, one of those super pricy board games. I am so upset we kept putting it off-it was crazy easy to learn and I loved playing it. Hopefully, we can get some of our friends over for a game night soon!

Happy Monday,

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