A Whirlwind Birthday

birthday cake for my mother in law
lunch at the golden house
i love this place 
lincoln square
they look so alike πŸ™‚
weifbier in lincoln square
the birthday girl & her happy hubby
so excited for dinner!
m’s liver soup (it was a bit too…iron-y for me)
pork goulash w/spatzle (so good!)
m’s pork shank
steph’s meatloaf
at the harold! 
laughing at the comedy club πŸ™‚
we sat near kirby puckett at lou’s

My in-laws were in town to celebrate my mother in laws birthday and we had such a whirlwind weekend! We hung out in Lincoln Square and had a wonderful German dinner at the Brauhaus. I have always walked by and I am so grateful for the chance to go in and eat the yummy food! We went to Lou Malanti’s the second night for the Chicago Classic, and man, is there pizza good.

Sorry for the radio silence, I wanna be better πŸ™‚


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