Reel-y Good: Mission Impossible-Ghost Protocol

My better half and I went to Mission Impossible-Ghost Protocol last night as Chicago traffic prevented us from getting to the theatre on time to see the film I wanted to see, Beauty and the Beast 3D. Funny how we went from cartoon love story to action flick. Also, our local AMC has 7.50 movies on weeknights. Holy good deal, Batman.

And I so wanted to hate this movie. I don’t really like Tom Cruise and his basket full of crazy.

But. I did. I really, really did. I love all the work JJ Abrams does (but namely, Alias) and Mission Impossible-Ghost Protocol is no exception. While the action market is a glut, Ghost Protocol is incredibly well produced, impeccibly edited and really thrilling. The serious acting scenes weren’t amazing but the action scenes were and a few were even physically possible.

For a date night, it was a winner.

Have you seen any movies lately? Any recommendations?


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