In the Bleak Midwinter…

from our honeymoon-boy, do i wish i was there now!

This week was such a whirlwind! We started meal planning and tried 3 new recipes. None of which I photographed, of course. But there was a funny mix up with tomato soup and stewed tomatoes in the enchilada casserole. Last night, M and I went to Magnolia’s Cafe for dinner and it was SO GOOD. We got the pulled pork ravoli’s, salmon 3 ways and bread pudding. Everything was incredible!

I can’t wait to try this Honey Badger cocktail.
An incredibly cool tool to find out what you donation is worth from Goodwill!
This quinoa pilaf looks so yummy!
M asked if I wanted new cow girl boots because I pinned them. Ohmygoodness.

I hope you have an amazing weekend!

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