Reel-y Good: Hugo

First, a disclaimer. Hugo was my first 3D movie. Yes, ever.

Hugo follows the life of an orphaned boy who lives in a busy train station through his journey towards acceptance and joy. He is incredibly talented at fixing clocks and other ticking machines. From there, he uncovers secrets about the famous George Melies.

I think that the people who made the Hugo trailer did the movie a disservice. They played it up as a beautiful 3D movie for kids but it is really a love letter to old school movie-making. It is that.

But it is so much more. The sweeping shots, the powerful score and the impeccable set decor and costumes brings the viewer from their plush seats to a small fly on the wheel. I was completely transformed and became invested in the story. My only complaint-it was a bit long. I think some of the scenes were repetitive. Additionally, I was surprised that the 3D didn’t make me dizzy but I was told that it probably has to do with the high quality of the 3D. Apparently, you can add 3D after you film something or you can film in 3D.

Either way, I am sure the buzz around Hugo will only increase as Oscar frenzy grows.

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