Hitting Refresh

This weekend, M had a show open (YES!) and we got to have dinner with some of our good friends, Mike and Jackie. We also hit the Andersonville/Uptown scene with M’s best man. Today we took it kinda lazy, slept in, made pancakes (shh…they were healthy!), did some chores and did some furniture shopping.

It’s been a long couple of weeks for us especially between traveling & entertaining for the holidays and the heavily than normal workloads.

Despite all we got done, it was really great to just be together today and to finally eat a meal together at home! It is so important to talk about the little stuff, like who has lost more socks in the laundry, and the big stuff, like where our careers are headed. You miss that when you only see each other 10 minutes a day, at 1AM. When we invest in the little stuff, I am reminded of Liz’s post on how relationships take work.

It is so worth it to stop folding clothes and talk to your partner.
It is so worth it to call that friend you miss.
It is so worth it make the investment of time in all the meaningful relationships in your life.

That’s all I got, folks.

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