Pulled Pork Sammies

pulled pork
seasoned w/spices, pepper & salt
beautiful roasts

I got this roast at Jewel for 1.99 a pound-it was such a good deal for so much food! It made enough for 4 sandwiches and 2 salads. I got the ‘recipe’ from my mom, it is just to season and brown the shoulder roast on both sides and then put it in a low oven for a couple hours, or until it reads 185 degrees. Then you just pulled it apart. I also learned/asked early enough-don’t put anything in the pan w/the roast because it will make it tough. PS. I used Penzy’s Northwoods Fire and BBQ3000. I absolutely love all their spices! You can’t see it in the picture, but I mixed together kraut and some homemade pickles to make a slaw and the tangy-sweet of the slaw was perfect with the smokey meat.

❤ Sarah

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