Dear Marshmallows of the World;
Jet puffed isn’t fair to you. Jet puffed isn’t kind to you. Well, its good for making rice crispie treats but that is about it.
When I pinned my 3rd marshmallow recipe I knew I had to try one. What ended up happening was a combination of two because I didn’t have enough granulated sugar but I had already bloomed the gelatin. I know-confusing. But they turned out really well and M seems to think they are good. So there’s that. 
gelatin & hot water
cooking sugary sweet stuff
have gelatin, will whisk (ps thank goodness for electricity!)
chillin’ overnight
om nom nom

Seriously these are so good that I can’ imagine putting them in hot cocoa-but maybe I will give it a try with the next batch!

❤ Sarah

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