Refrigerator Pickles

cut up onion and loads of garlic
cut up cucumbers
cooking the brine (vinegar, salt, black, white & pink pepper, rosemary)
ready to sit in the fridge for 3 days & THEN ready for eating 🙂

I think only our local grocery store does this but-here goes. They have a section where they wrap up not-the-best-looking produce or other items for 1 dollar. I got all these cucs for a buck! A BUCK! But they needed to be used up right away and I was all inspired by this Saveur article. This recipe was based on this recipe but I didn’t have half the spices so I added whatever I could find that seemed savory and kinda spicy. I think they turned out really well & are super crunchy! I was kinda surprised at how much water came out of them & the onions to make the brine. 
❤ Sarah

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