Potato & Rutabega Gratin

from savuer

When I turned 24 I came up with a little list of things I wanted to live before I had another birthday. I couldn’t even come up with 25 things-oh well! I am sure I will keep working on it.

Anyhoozle. One of those things I wanted to be was someone who makes new recipes. Like, FANCY new recipes. The way I have to make that happen is to make one Saveur (totally FANCY) recipe each month. In November I made their Potato & Rutabega Gratin for Thanksgiving.

You can get to the recipe here. And no, that isn’t my picture. Geez. Mine looked more like this one.

Boy, it was really hard. I had a pretty difficult time getting the timing down. I haven’t ever made cheese/milk sauce from scratch before and now I have a marketable skill.

Do you hear that job market…MARKETABLE SKILL?!

I have no idea what I am doing for the December recipe but I can’t wait! ❤ Sarah

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