Happy December! I CANNOT believe it is the last month of the year already. Holy cow. Holy.Cow.

I did get some stuff to make some Christmas presents at the Jo Ann’s today and I would love to share but I  KNOW for a fact that at least one of people I am making it for reads the blog. So there is that.

New Blogs I’ve Liked:
Cotton and Curls
hungry girl por vida

My Favorite Posts:

overdone christmas
the muppets!

Things I am Thankful For (not an exhaustive list): Matt, and all his support for me, Kitten, Christmas, my parents and sisters, our truck, free movie passes, Pinterest (for showing me so many cool new blogs) a warm apartment, cute new boots, and my birthday! 

Lusted After: 
this gold liquid eye liner

Recipes to Try!

I want to make these marshmallows this week. OMG. 
This redneck beer cocktail has my name
How was your November? Mine was pretty good and I am super excited for all December has to offer!
❤ Sarah

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