Reel-y Good: Red State

I have started listening to Film Spotting and when they mentioned Red State, I had to check it out. It was totally pitched as a view into far right wing religious conservatives. The film follows three high schoolers as they answer an ad on Craigslist for a wild romp and end up kidnapped by a Phillips-esque group of nutjobs. The situation escalates to an incredible showing of what can happen when we fail to communicate and believe each other. Or what can happen when we do.

The first third is very long; however, it is worth it to explain the actions of the church members in the second third. You really can’t appreciate the middle and end of the story without first understanding the level of mass delusion the members of the church share. Also, I think that John Goodman gave a wonderful performance as an ATF agent.
It was only released on DVD and digitally-which I think is an interesting commentary on the current state of the film industry. But I also see why it wasn’t released in theatres-it is intense. But I do think it worth checking out.


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