Happy Friday!

It seems everyone is taking part in writing thankfulness blogs in November! It has been really cool to see what some of the women I read daily are thankful for. I think it is a great idea and thought I would jump in to-despite the fact it is late! My thought was to continue doing Link Love posts on Friday, but in November add something I was thankful for each day, since I work on them all week.

Monday-for my full pantry as I spent the day working at my organizations food pantry
Tuesday-for Brady, a friend’s dog who lets me pet him as much as I want
Wednesday-for sparkly masacra, mood-lifter extraordianaire
Thursday-for left over french onion soup
Friday-for the weekend, M and I have some fun stuffs planned (including the APW book club meet up!)

Some things I have been lovin’ this week:
-pretty interesting look at classism thru public housing posters
-seeing as we will have company this holiday, i need to get on this list of chores
-this make up make over was so sweet & touching
outdoorsy plaid for girls? umm yes please.
-beer cocktails? i have got to try one of these!

❤ Sarah

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