CSA Week 22/The End

brussels sprouts, carrots, acron squash, cilantro & dill, apples

We have really enjoyed this CSA project for these 22 weeks. We only missed one week-because we got married! Ha ha. We got such an incredible variety of vegetables, herbs and fruits. Some things I really loved, like the brussels sprouts (M even liked them! He says they ‘have a flavor.’ Amen) the salad greens and the peaches. Some things were new to me, like the kale and squashes. I have made some savory recipes with the pumpkins instead of just pie so that has been a new challenge.

On another note, we have saved so much money while getting real and organic produce. I am really really REALLY dreading have go to Jewel to get produce. You know the average age of the apples in the grocery store is 18 months?!?! You know something is fundamentally wrong with our food systems when we can GROW APPLES HERE IN THE MIDWEST but the bananas in the grocery stores are fresher than the apples. Urgh.

To Farmer Karen-seriously, thank you so much for all your hard work this spring, summer and fall. I can not wait until next growing season!

❤ Sarah

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