City of Glory

City of Glory by Beverly Swerling is one of those books that looks so pretty on the library shelf, you can’t really pass it up.

Swerling has such a way with prose. I was transported to 1813 New York and taken directly to the seedy locales that occupy much of the book. She is able to create a story where you can’t help but root for her heros.

The story follows Joyful Turner, a war hero, as he combats economic and moral enemies to save his city, livelihood and love. Through the Turner and Devrey families, Swerling exposes the reader to a vibrant and living version of American history.

One thing I would like to point out-this is the second in a series of three books. I couldn’t really tell this looking at the book-nor from the story. However, I am interested in checking out the other two books in the series to see more about these characters.

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