Brotherly Love

getting along, splendidly

   This weekend promises to get kinda crazy, with two birthday parties, a 12 mile run (in prep for the Chicago Monster Dash), a meet up w/some friends for brunch, U2 Eucharist at my church, picking up the last of our CSA and baking some from scratch pumpkin pie.

   Phew. And I forgot–M has a show opening this weekend so that is on the agenda too!

   We pet-sat for a friend this week and I have to say I have really enjoyed having a dog around again. Except for the 6AM walks, this is. Things make a dog excited a cat won’t budge for. After that first awkward moment, Vivi and the puppers got along amazingly! I think she misses him a little bit.

   Christine and I spent on night this week working on our Halloween costume for our race in two weeks! We made tutus and cut-outs for some t-shirts.

I got a huge kick of this parody of Antro stuff. ‘Cause a girl can dream, right?

Finding this pro make artists’ tips for real humans literally made my week better. See Kandee here.

Here are some hilarious thoughts and feelings that have no word in English.

And I think I know what we are going to be for Halloween. (We as in, me and the mister).

Lastly, as a note, I have stuck so far (two weeks) to the one Facebook log in a day. Well, except for that one day-although I did miss one day so it evens out. But I need my social connection and have starting harassing (only sort of kidding) strangers and friends on Twitter.

Have a fantastic, most wonderful weekend! ❤ Sarah

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