goose island-bourbon county stout 
veal meatballs with apple slaw
side dish of brussels sprouts w/pancetta
poached pear salad
Have you ever noticed how people always say ‘brussel-sprouts’ when it is indeed ‘brussels-sprouts’? There should be two ‘s’s I think and a pause. Anyways, they were really really yummy with the bacon. The veal meatballs were incredibly tasty as well. My poached pear salad was pretty petite but quite good. But I think anything with good blue cheese is amazing. M got this Goose Island seasonal beer-Bourbon County Stout. It was served in such a small glass I didn’t think it would be potent. But we split (!) it and half of it knocked my on my behind! It was really good-nice thick and chocolately. The food and the beer were amazing and service was good-but slow. I think they need a bigger kitchen to meet the demand for all their good food!

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