Reel-y Good: The Tudors

I found The Tudor’s a long time ago and I have been stealing away episodes since. Seeing as I think cable is such a waste of money, I am oddly obsessed with HBO shows. They just have such a big budget that all their stuff is so brilliantly executed. But more on the technical stuff later.

The four seasons follow Henry VIII from the middle of his first marriage to his death. As someone who only knew Henry’s wives through the old rhyme “divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived,” it was great to see the female faces of history brought to life.

While there are some departures from history, they aren’t too glaring if you don’t know much about history. I did find the fact that Mr. Meyers is so very young kind of a problem-even I know that he was over 40 before he married wifey 2.

I was (still am) very shocked by the pure wealth of Henry VIII and his court. The ladies were just dripping in jewels, tiaras and finery. Which brings me to the technical prowess of the Tudors. Holy cow, is it a beautiful show. The costumes are fantastic and the sets are overwhelming. The show is pretty enough to make it worth watching, even if you don’t give a fig about history. WHICH YOU SHOULD.

It is currently on Netflicks. Get it out.

❤ Sarah

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