Rock Cut State Park

the lake

a hiking trail

happy hikers

view from the canoe

orange ya glad you’re canoeing

“hey why isn’t that lady canoeing?”

our stop off on the way home (ps they also have toy land)

M and I went out to Rock Cut State Park for Saturday. Once we got to Rockford we ate at Beef-a-roo which is a local chain in Rockford. M got the classic beef something and I got the Western Burger. Oh my, they were so good! If you head out to Rockford, I would highly recommend it. After lunch, we went to Rock Cut State Park and went for a couple mile hike. On the way out, we drove past the boat launch and I wanted to go canoeing. M didn’t. M, the son of a state park naturalist, expert canoe steerer, born nature man DIDN’T WANT TO GO CANOEING. For the record, I won that and we rented the dang canoe. I am so so glad we did! Despite the Boy Scouts on the lake, I am so glad we did. On the way home we stopped at Farm & Fleet for window wrappers & snacks.

❤ Sarah

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