What a freaking morning. I went to the DMV to get my new license with the right name, with about 7,384 documents to prove I do – in fact – exist. This includes taking a vision test, which I passed without my glasses and a written test where I got 35/37 (see, I have always been an A student). The lady was all ‘you only missed 2!’ and then didn’t even tell what I got wrong. I could be breaking the law at any moment.

Anyways. Shiny new ID in hand. Valid to drive. Sweet.

To the bank. To sign some paper work and change all my info there too. Did you know if there someone else on your account-you simply can’t make changes but you can CLOSE it without their approval? The nice back lady couldn’t get it through her head that I didn’t want to close all my accounts and open new ones. I want to LEAVE YOUR BANK. This situation is still unresolved, but hilarious.

This weekend M and I are getting out of the city. The apartment is generally clean and we need a break from city living for a day or so. HARD TO IMAGINE I know.

Anyhoozle. Here is some stuff I spend my face time with this week. Not being on Facebook is hard hard hard.

–Holla to the soup weather. I plan on making this pumpkin soup this weekend. Or this halibut soup. I *heart* you Bruce Aidells.

–Seriously wish I had some extra pants laying around so I can try this technique.

–Protect yourself (and your lovely Macbook Pro) from Facebook’s sneakiness with DisconnectMe.

–One of the reasons I love fall. I get to look at winter coats.

–I refuse to believe that there only cute patterns for little kids out there. Come on, you know I could rock this coat. Especially 6 year old me.

Have a most wonderful weekend! ❤ Sarah

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