Dragon Tails.

First I want to thank Jessica of Running with Scissors for this pattern! I did stay pretty close to the tutorial, but I added some spots on the sides of each tail to make them even more cool. Also, I made the opposite colors at the same time, which meant constantly re-threading the machine. Which was awesome. For future reference, I would stitch on the outside of the straps so I don’t have turn them right side out-that was HARD. Also, half these pictures are from a couple evenings ago when I worked on them so the color is awful! And yes, these are for our niece and nephew for Christmas presents. But they are toddlers and can’t use the internets so I get to share this now!

felt in vikings colors. plus computer as sewing notion.
the cut pieces.
making the tail shape.
sewing the spikes. 
i really need to make one of these in my size.
sewing the spikes on the right side. dots sewn on to right side.
sewing the wrong sides together.
adding the straps.
sew the round piece to the front. not as easy as it looks.
turnin’ it right side out.
fillin’ it with fiberfil. 


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