On Cupcakes, Unicorns, and Sparkles

Let me clarify-I am so grateful for a free space to write, to share and to have express myself. I am so grateful that there are lots and lots and lots of other women who partake in this same space.

So I read other blogs. Sometimes I even comment. And then people get all snarky, as in people who don’t moderate the blog officially.

However, I have to take issue with the fact that these spaces are to be wholly places of ‘rah rah rah’ and cupcakes, kittens and sparkely cupcakes. If we are really challenging each other to be our best selves, there have to be actual challenges. If we blindly support each other in all our pursuits without actually tough questions, how we will grow?

Our lives are not perfect. Well mine isn’t anyways. I don’t know about you, maybe you wake up everyday with no acne and eat bonbons for breakfast.

Maybe it’s time to share a bit more imperfect pieces. Ask each other the tough questions. Let’s get real.

One thought on “On Cupcakes, Unicorns, and Sparkles

  1. oh honey, you are singing my song. my life could not be more imperfect. and yes, I think people WANT real, we want to know the truth, not just all cupcakes and unicorns and rainbows and glitter. best,MOV

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