(sorry the pictures are so grainy-M gets embarrassed when I take pictures in public. Especially of food)

rainbow roll, california, smoked salmon
philly & spicy tuna

Over the weekend, M and I decided to go out to dinner for a date night at a restaurant we haven’t been to before. What a mistake.

We headed over to Agami, a sushi place here in Uptown. The decor was very modern, very chic. However, the service was certainly lacking. We waited for a long time to place our order-the menu is big but not THAT big. Despite this, the sushi was really good although a couple rolls w/standard names (Philly, California) weren’t in the typical style.

However. My main gripe is the price! We paid 16 bucks for 8 bits of just OK sushi. Another roll (which I didn’t get to take a picture of because M was eating it) was incredibly good but not worth 14 dollars.

We probably won’t be back because no sushi place is Hiro’s. We won’t stray again!


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