CSA Week 16

bell peppers, roma tomatoes, acorn squash, pears & apples, potatoes

I am so excited for this week’s CSA! We got a small bit of these potatoes earlier and they are so so good (and I DON’T like potatoes). They taste like potatoes, not some random white starchy thing and they have this wonderful yellow color.

Also, not pictured are 10 peaches. Some of them were split on the side, but never fear. I am going to make more peach pies. Somebody, I don’t remember who (forgive me!), told me about peach-blueberry pie so that is the plan for these puppies-one for eating & one for freezing. I am obsessed with freezing goodies from the CSA to make it through the long Chicago winter. There is a ton of pasta sauce from these fresh tomatoes in the freezer already.

❤ Sarah

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