Pho Viet

Sadly (very, very sadly), our internet is down yet again. So there will be no new pictures until RCN can figure their lives out.

Last weekend, (I know) M and I went out to dinner for a real date night. We haven’t really been out just the two of us since we got back from the Bahamas so we were really eager to try something new instead of the same ol’ same ol’. Our new place is walking distance from the main drag of the “Little Vietnam” area of the city. Not-so-bravely, I suggested a place that I had eaten ate years ago with some girlfriends, Pho Viet [It’s on Broadway, just south of the Argle stop, or a short walk north from Lawerence].

In one word: amazing. M ordered this mysterious ‘coconut drink’ off the back of the menu and they brought him a whole young coconut with a hole in the side. You would think it was Christmas he was so excited. The whole time he was eating/drinking it, it was all ‘this is SO good’. I also ordered a basic fruit smootie with tapioca and I wasn’t disappointed.

However, the kicker. Dinner. I ordered the wide rice noodles, crispy, with veggies and a combo of the meat products. Everything was done to perfection and there was a large variety of veggies-it wasn’t just snowpeas and carrots! M ordered the egg noodles with veggies and beef and it came like a meaty stirfry atop of a nest of noodles. Both were delish!

A caveat-the menu is HUGE! We each picked a section based on the rice or noodle base and then decided which type of meat/veggie combo we wanted on top. There are seriously over 200 things, it would take forever to read them all!

I would certainly go back; but, I get roped into trying one of the other several restaurants in the neighborhood!

❤ Sarah

3 thoughts on “Pho Viet

  1. I was just going to recommend Tank Noodle — which is about a block away from where you're describing. But looks like Christine beat me to it. It's amazing. Seriously. The veggie spring rolls are out of control. (Does this mean you live in Andersonville?)

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