The Pork Shoppe

Last night M and I met up with some friends at The Pork Shoppe, in Logan Square. We sort of rushed over right after work and didn’t really get a chance to check out the menu before we went-but that made getting there and exploring that much more fun!

I had the pulled pork with fries and cole slaw, mostly because that it what I get when I haven’t ever been to a BBQ joint before. If you can’t make a good pulled pork, I won’t be back. But the master BBQ men at The Pork Shoppe made a WONDERFUL pulled pork. It was so good and it had such a good smokey/porky flavor that it supported each of the three house sauces (I tried) really well. The cole slaw had raisins, which pretty much made it the best I’ve eaten in a long time.

M had the 1/2 rack and made quick work of them. I didn’t get a bite (!) but they looked tasty. (Note: He says they were DELICIOUS. So there’s that)

The decor was pretty much your basic BBQ joint pictures of pigs and random farm tools. But they have a really good whiskey/bourbon list for Chicago and an incredibly reasonably priced beer list.

However, when you hit up The Pork Shoppe you have to try one of their Bloody Larry bevvies. It is your basic Jack & coke, but WITH A RIB as the stirstick. Clearly, these boys know where it is at.

Seriously, go check it out. Do it. You will thank me.


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