Tequila-Chicken Tacos

tequila-marinated chicken tacos

homemade salsa from the CSA veggies

Over the weekend, M made chicken tacos for dinner. I made the rice (so I helped 🙂 with one can Ro-Tel to two cups dry rice and 1 1/2 cups water with a little cumin for flavor. Who needs that boxed rice crap with all those fake chemicals? Not us, that’s who. I also made a big bunch of salsa the day before from veggies from the CSA.

Anyways. This is not a story about rice. This is a story about chicken. M marinated chicken for the afternoon in the most yummy marinade known to…well, us. He says it was the zest of a lemon & all its juice, some sage & cumin, 3 oz gold tequila and ‘about’ a tablespoon of sriracha. Then he added paprika to it right before he grilled it. After it was cooked he shredded it and we ate some tacos.

Some yummy tacos.


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