Sweets & Savories

I got a Living Social deal for a brunch place over on Fullerton Ave called Sweets and Savories. My first issue, was that the deal was only good for a couple months and was about to expire. Let’s get started with the food. 
blueberry muffin, cinnamon rolls, other things=all super tasty!

french onion soup=served very hot but it was really good

mushroom and fontina omelette=overcooked, too big, not enough cheese

m’s salmon hash=not a hash, little salmon, poorly poached egg

Sweets & Savories is a small, storefront restaurant with maybe 50 seats, but there were only two waitstaff working. We waited 10 minutes for a table to be bussed and then waited for an painfully long time for our coffee, pastries, first course and second course. No one came to take our bill for long we just left the cash w/o getting change. The pastries were quite good and my soup was fantastic. If that had been all I had-I would have been quite happy. However, M’s oatmeal came stone cold (probably because the waitress was in no hurry to get it) and neither waitress seemed at all interested in making the service quality. I would not recommend going there until they hire more staff and make the service on par with the food.


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