At Home

So M is obsessed with Bill Bryson-as in read every book he has ever written, obsessed. So when M left At Home lying around I had to pick it up and see what all the fuss is about.

Well the fuss is certainly worth it. Bryson is an incredible researcher and seems to magically weave together disparate characters, points of view, and opinions into one cohesive story. Where, how and how quickly he manages to churn out material is astonishing. His explanation of how the rooms in our homes came to be and why we use them the way we do is captivating.

At Home is a wonderful distraction, if a bit dense. My only caveat is that Bryson is a bit verbose and could really use a good deal of editing. He expounds for pages on inventions and ideas that could be said in paragraphs. Bryson’s work is definitely worth checking out!


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