Ahab’s Wife

Geez. It feels like a MILLION years since I reviewed a book here. And it feels like a million years since I read one worth reviewing, or ahem, finishing. Nothing we had on our shelves called to me and the few things I picked up (Like Water for Chocolate and The Time Traveller’s Wife) I picked up because I felt like I should be reading them. As if they were part of canon of modern American women’s literature.

And to that, I say Phewy.

I picked up Ahab’s Wife because it was long paperback book about boats. See, I went on this cruise ship thing-a-ma-gig and wanted to read something nautical. And Sena Jeter Naslund does not disappoint. She based the 600+ page book on less than one paragraph in Moby Dick. The women that she paints Una to be is strong, challenging and fantasticly layered. She isn’t just a caption’s wife waiting for her husbands return, but she makes a life for herself that is fulfilling when Ahab is at sea.

The language that Naslund uses is of the same era as Moby Dick and can sometimes be challenging to slip in and out of. However, I didn’t really want to stop reading once I picked it up because her style is so lyrical and moving.

I would HIGHLY recommend this novel and I am currently looking for other books by the same author. It’s that good.

Again looking for a new book,

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