Young & Restless Love Letter to Chicago

Hello! I’m Christine over at Young and Restless in Chi Town. Sarah was kind enough to ask me to write a guest post while she is off honeymooning in the Caribbean. (Am I jealous of her time away? Juuust a tad). Sarah is one of my best friends here in Chicago and I was fortunate enough to be a part of her wedding last weekend. Sarah and I both really started living in Chicago around the same time and it’s been a journey for us both. Over the years, I’ve had my ups and downs in Chicago, but I have to say, this Midwestern metropolis has found a place in my heart. If I could write a love letter to Chicago, it would go a little something like this:

Dear Chicago,

Roses are red, violets are blue….(just kidding!).
Dearest Chicago,

You have been my constant companion over the past four years, seeing me through the hard times and the good. While I’m not a fan of your winters, (they are terribly brutal, you have to admit) I adore the summer storms you’ve been throwing at us lately. Unlike Seattle, you don’t rain for days and days and days; you know when to call it quits.  You show kindness when you provide us reprieve from your summer heat with the breeze off Lake Michigan.  If I had to choose just a few reasons for why I love you, they would be…
1.       Your skyline. There’s nothing like looking at the Chicago skyline at night, when all the buildings are lit up like fireflies. It is such a beautiful sight. While its not the same hustle of Chicago during the day, in the darkness the city looks alive.

2.       Your culture. You overflow with a life full of art, music, dance, theater, architecture…the list goes on. There is always something new to see or do. You are never boring.

3.       The people you have connected me with. I could not ask for more amazing people to surround myself with every day. 

Thanks Chicago for four years of laughter, tears, love, heartbreak and everything in between.

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