I know that it has been quiet ’round these parts. Two reasons, linked really. I ran for the bus on last Thursday morning and fell in front of bunches and bunches of people. Really sprained it too. The doctor said to be off it for four [WHOLE] days! So I didn’t really feel like getting dressed and taking pictures. Because I couldn’t wear a shoe on my left foot.

Onto more serious reasons. I had a conference at my alma mater, DePaul University (yes, I am going to name names and call you folks out), called Service Speaks run by the Steans Center. It was attended by community partners, as in folks who serve others FOR A LIVING and students who practice service and want to be in service FOR A CAREER.

I was on crutches.

No one moved out of the way, I literally had to side-step around them. No one opened a door (except a student going to library). No one thought scheduling events in two buildings two blocks away might be a problem. I felt so incredibly othered. I can’t imagine how people who have to contend with permanent mental and physical disabilities must feel on a daily basis.

I am lucky, I get to put those crutches back in the closet and will be able bodied here soon. But I am certainly challenged to change how I view and treat those who society others on a daily basis.


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