Things I Don’t Do.

Somewhere I read how liberating it can be to write a list of things one ‘doesn’t do.’ Not that I am not feeling totally liberated, I know how good I’ve got it. But anyways, it was a fun exercise. So here’s my list.

  1. Knit- I am awful at it and don’t find it comforting.
  2. Follow recipes- I cook the way I want, thank you.
  3. Clean the bathroom- It gets clean, just not by me.
  4. Laundry- See above.
  5. Carpool.
  6. Kill bugs. It’s easier to scream for help or let Vivi kill them.

See I feel so much better. What are the things you don’t do?


One thought on “Things I Don’t Do.

  1. I totally burst out laughing at that last one! I absolutely agree. You should've seen me when there was a HUGE centipede in the apartment. I was running around, waving one of my cowboy boots in the air!

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