Milwaukee, Drunk City USA

A couple of weeks ago, I visited Milwaukee with a good friend to see yet another good friend. She stays in the River North neighborhood, which sadly has a bad rap. But all I saw was small local bars, local restaurants and co-ops. I got a good vibe, I like places where you can walk to the store and stop at a locally-owned bar on the way home.

Equally good stuff comes out of River North’s home-grown brewery as well. Lakefront Brewery grew out of a brotherly competition in brewing beer. And boy, did those brothers make good beer.

Because they follow the old German purity laws, their beer only contains barley, hops, yeast and water. If not, they say it right on the label. Their gluten-free beer is literally the best sorghum beer I have ever had (pictured above) and they brew 13 different types of beer during the year.

I love supporting local restaurants. But I really love supporting local breweries, especially with good friends.

Sarah (sorry there aren’t more pictures, I had such a good time I didn’t document it)

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