The Bitch in the House

The latest APW book club book was The Bitch in the House, edited by Cathi Hanauer, and it’s anthology of 26 women’s stories about marriage, partnership, children and work. I have to say, while I was reading it I found most of the stories to be self-indulgent and whiney. A lot of ‘poor me, society judges me’ and I found it really disheartening. It didn’t really paint a picture of marriage as the supportive, and satisfying partnership I want it to be.

Yes, society does have certain expectations of women, go to college, get a good and satisfying job, get married to a smart men, have great sex, raise wonderful children. But is it society or did the feminist movement fail us?

I think it is a little of both. It’s so easy to get caught up in the story that we can have it all. Sometimes I think that I really can have it all. Actually, I know that I can. Right now it really feels that way.

So what about all these women? All their stories of disappointment, of unsupportive relationships, of complete dissatisfaction? Are we doomed to be overwhelmed, to question our choices, to be unsatisfied?

I don’t know. At least the The Bitch in the House makes me question the choices I make and will make.


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