American Uprising

I should have my own MTV True Life episode entitled “I changed my commute to stop by a Library.” Because I did and it was SO worth it. I found this gem by Daniel Rasmussen and I picked it up to read in honor of Black History Month.

American Uprising: The Untold Story of America’s Largest Slave Revolt has been critically acclaimed and I am no professional critic (yet.)

It is written in a very conversational style, almost like a historical novel. Rasmussen doesn’t ever put the history into words that would be out-of-touch for a non-academic reader. So refreshing.

He goes on to the tell the story of a ‘America’s Largest’ slave led uprising along the German Coast in Louisiana. Led by respected slaves across several plantation and by slaves of different origin, languages and religious beliefs, it single handedly cracked the varnish covering the eyes of the slave-holding elite. No, it was not a successful revolution in the sense that no slave won their freedom and they did not put and end to an economy based on slavery.

But they questioned it. Really hard questions.

And somehow, it got all swept under the rug of American History with the all the other dirty stuff that happened along the road. I think the chapter on all the shady stuff that went down to keep this story from getting out.

Two thumbs up.


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